What students have to say about their experience

Here are just a few reviews from students

Talia A.

"I started painting about three years ago. I fell in love with it but I find myself frustrated because I don’t know a lot of the fundamentals, which then I end up with a handful of half done paintings.

I took this course to be shown from beginning to end what your process is. Thus far it’s helped me tremendously, there was a lot of steps that I was skipping with my other paintings that would have saved me frustrations."

Andrew A.

"I have been painting in acrylics for a few years and feel like I want to better my skills. I have been trying to transition to oils but it is a very different animal for someone that has only done acrylics. So many questions in oils that other tutorials don’t answer. I love how you explain every little aspect... You leave nothing out. I also like the fact that I can see your palette at all times. So important to see how you mix your colors in real time. You show and explain what you mix and the medium you add each time. Bravo for an awesome learning experience." 

Judy R.

"I have taken several online courses to improve my painting but this one is the best by far in teaching me new techniques. I feel so much more confident now when I pick up my brush - and I have reviewed the course several times. I'm sure I will continue to learn from it."

Jan G.

"I have been so thrilled with Painting Realistic Depth. I have learned so much from the course and am very grateful that you took the time to do this for those of us ever learning. I only started painting a few years ago after retiring. But have always had a desire to learn. This is the 3rd course of yours I've completed. :) 

It was neat to look through everyone’s painting at the different outcomes. 

Looking forward to the next one."

Raymond C.

"The new course is really good. Thank you for producing it for the rest of us. I've just begun painting and I'm really interested in landscapes, especially Texas scenes. Since I learned so much from [Painting Dramatic Clouds] course, I was certain the [Distinctive Trees & Flora] course would also be helpful.

Also, I just like the way you teach. You're very informative as to how to achieve color and how to build up layers, which was so evident in the "Trees" course."

Chantal B.

"I was pleasantly surprised at my own results in your ‘Painting Dramatic Clouds’ course. I didn’t expect I would be able to paint what I did, so I am excited to see what results this class brings. I am mostly self-taught and realise I lack a lot of knowledge professional artists have. I decided to commit to learning more through online classes, since art school is not an option for me time-wise."

Ellie S.

"This is not only a fantastic introduction to clouds - Layne provides great detail on how to mix colours, what brushes to use and consistency of paint - all important for oil painting. I've learnt a lot in this regard since it isn't my usual medium, and I've found a new love for it again having failed with it previously. Happy Painting!"

Michael B.

"Every year I try to learn something new. I have zero painting experience so your class is the first class of instruction I've ever signed up for. Before I started my painting I wanted to do a ‘dry run’ and watched the videos to get an understanding of what to do. (Phenomenal by the way.)

This format has been great, super easy to navigate."

Eileen S.

"I love clouds and wanted to learn to paint them better. I feel I took my cloud-painting up to the next level by taking your class. I plan to do a second painting on the same reference photo to see if I can improve on the first. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise."

Roger B.

"The materials I picked up on the most was color mixture. I have been working on this for some time. Your course has exceeded all other avenues in accomplishing this and now I have a degree of confidence to develop my own color formula.

I did enjoy the way you developed the program. It was extensive and yet by following the program a person can learn quit a bit of material."

Andy C.

"I just enrolled in Painting Realistic Depth and Brush Work. I have to say I have enrolled in another course by another artist and asked for a refund after a couple of days. Your course is totally different. The student interface is awesome and as I’m browsing through the content for a look see I’m totally impressed! I’m a Bob Ross - Bill Alexander painter of approximately 10 years and I’m really looking forward to this course. It is very detailed with many helpful downloads and works extremely well on all of my devices. You should be very proud of all of the above. I would recommend these courses to anyone. Thank you for what you do!"

Ruth M.

"The thing I enjoyed the most was how to trust the process. Knowing that the really ugly stage will in time come around.

That magic moment when highlights and details are added and the whole thing looks like you can walk right into it.

It helped me overcome my fear that I would put a lot of time into a painting and not make it come around to my vision. I truly enjoyed your class and will take another as soon as time permits."

Donna A.

"The most helpful aspect to your classes for me was your pallet.. 

I learned so much every time.

But to narrow it down.... the way you set your colors up and the usage. I love CASSEL EARTH!

I have loved all your classes and look forward to the nocturnal series!

Thank u for helping me in more ways than you know."

Dennis S.

"I really enjoyed learning about different composition tools to help make my paintings more realistic. I have only been painting about 3 years and a lot of the different concepts in this course were new to me. Layne's lessons included realizing how different size relationships and the importance of shadows help the painting. I have always just painted from a photo, but now have started to work on paintings I want to, instead of from what others have photographed. Just Layne’s guidance on atmospheric perspective has made a difference on the paintings I have completed since the course. I am now able to compose a painting using his tools and not be afraid I’ll mess up."

Belinda W.

"I found the course very useful, particularly all the resources that were provided. I have studied art for many years but what was missing was the application of paint in particular, your explanations of the imprimatura stage and process, and colour selection. 

I go back to the course and do a refresh when I start a new painting. In some ways this is why I haven't finished as I don't want to lose the information that you are providing!

Many thanks, your generous teaching has been extremely helpful."

Becky B.

"This is an excellent course... I have struggled with clouds since the beginning of trying to paint. I truly recommend this course as it finally helped me understand where I was missing out. I found it to be paced at my pace and was easy to navigate and repeat sections over and over that I needed to. It's so worth it!"

Toby M.

"Having painted for a few years without much guidance it was amazing to have access to such detailed explanations. Layne takes you step-by-step with stunning visuals of the canvas coming to life (and the palette becoming messier!) set to narration and relaxing music. It was a pleasure to complete the course over months – setting up my painting gear with a cup of tea and blocking off an hour or two to paint the next stage. I know that I will come back to this video in the future and discover new learning points. I can't wait for more!"

Mitchell Z.

"I really have learned a lot of things that I know I’ll use from now on in every painting I do. I loved seeing the ENTIRE process of how you complete a painting, from the block in to the final touches! Thank you for the wonderful course, it’s definitely improved my painting and I look forward to the next one."

Hannelie V.

"I did the course Painting Distinctive Trees & Flora. Layne’s “over the shoulder“ approach is the way to go. As the student, you don’t miss any detail. You work at your own pace and you learn from the best. (I will forever hear the words “here we go” and “a little-bit-of-liquin" 😂😂)

I really had fun doing this painting, although I had a good amount of self doubt and frustration, but it was mainly a fantastic experience."

Debra M.

"This was a great class. I am new to oils, and Layne walked me thru all the steps. He guides you thru brush choices, the use of different mediums and the imprimatura. The video was easy to follow, and takes you step by step, from mixing colors to how to apply.

I highly recommend “Painting Distinctive Trees & Flora.

Scott S.

"As a visually challenged person I love the calm steady pace of this teaching style. I also love that each video presentation was to the point and not too long and that there was a different video for each part of the painting throughout the process.

An excellent way to learn how to draw amazing clouds."