October 2021 update

1) Painting Dramatic Clouds has been newly restructured to align to the 4 stages. (The lessons are all the same, but now they clearly align to the 4 stages I teach.)

2) We've also included a couple new videos for you:

  • Navigating the course site
  • Mixing Cassel Earth & Chromatic Black

3) And finally, you now have a new Student Gallery where you can share your final painting. I can't wait to see what you paint!

January 2021 update

I'm real excited to share that Painting Dramatic Clouds now includes closed-captions (aka sub-titles)!

You'll find them on all the videos in the course:

  • Click CC, then check English to turn them on.
  • You can also click on Search Video to see the full screen transcript.
  • Using Search Video, you can look for specific words and the video will jump to that location.

I also have a special request. If you use the closed captions and you spot anything in the transcript that's unclear, drop me a note in the Discussion area below that particular video and let me know so we can correct it. (We've already caught one place where the caption shows "clowns" instead of "clouds"! lol!)

Over the next month we'll be adding closed-captions to most all the courses and masterclasses.

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